dinsdag, januari 21, 2003

just got back from school, and im going in a minute cos im goin shoppin in rotterdam :) yay! school starts at 11am tomorrow so ill have a gnite lol!! xxx

maandag, januari 20, 2003

yay! i've found these wicked adoption signs and i'm gonna put them up soon!! i was gonna get a new layout as this one is a bit shit but i really dun care about that anymore! :) go me... whieee!! i'm kinda doing my homework (english) at the same time but i'll get both finished soon, lol. the only shit thing is that i don't have msn right now, so i can't contact my mates... sob. but ah well, it might be good for one day :)
i'll be glad when i got this thing running... i'm listening to gareth gates at the moment and he's so good... i can understand why some people would hate him but i don't, he's cute :)

arghh school is such a waste of my time. in most of the classes we don't do a fuck... it's really a waste of my time. i could be working on all the essays i have to make in that time!! feck emm!! lolz! i hope the official westlife boardz work cos i'm writing "A step back in time could be a step into reality" with Shaz. it's only just started but hopefully it'll turn out bein an amazing fic!!
luv, moi xxx